Introducing... MyVoice!

Giving a voice to everyone, everywhere.

What is MyVoice?

MyVoice is a brand-new open access reporting system that will empower anyone you choose, to report a safeguarding concern. MyVoice can be targeted at specific groups associated with your organisation, such as: school pupils, students, parents (in education settings) or wider afield for example in religious or sports settings where members of the faith, athletes or coaches could benefit from a reporting tool.

The Concerns

In 2021, Following historical claims of sexual abuse in schools, the government tasked Ofsted with carrying out a ‘rapid review of sexual abuse’ in schools and colleges. The regulator’s subsequent report, the Review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges, recommended that all schools “Provide an anonymous reporting system”, with due consideration given to the additional challenges and barriers involved with reporting issues concerning children with SEND. More recently, the final report of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse showed that many institutions lack appropriate policies and procedures. A section of the report, titled ‘I kept trying to tell them’, details how “Victims and survivors often said that the adults around them failed to notice that they were being sexually abused as a child, despite clear signs.” The report also highlighted that ‘for some children, incidents are so commonplace that they see no point in reporting them.’

Giving a voice to everyone, everywhere

Following the publication of these reports, the need to give everyone – especially children – a voice has never been more urgent.

The Ofsted report highlighted that 79% of girls surveyed said they had experienced some form of sexual assault - 1

We at The Safeguarding Company were saddened to hear of how these issues are affecting children and young people. It’s the duty of every society to take care of all children and adults, wherever they live, learn and work. We therefore hope that the recommendations outlined in both reports will result in positive outcomes, and that with the correct reporting systems in place, children will be able to thrive.

MyVoice, a direct response to Ofsted

In direct response to these reports’ findings and customer demand, we’ve created MyVoice. This is a bespoke platform that enables anyone to report a concern quickly, easily, and anonymously*. We believe that by providing a secure, easily accessible reporting tool, establishments can carry out early interventions, embed an open safeguarding culture and provide better support for anyone who needs it. Anyone using MyVoice can set their own mandatory and optional fields within reporting forms to ensure that only specific information is recorded. MyVoice can also be made available to anyone in your community without direct access to MyConcern (our award-winning recording and case management software). MyVoice users can therefore include anyone within your network, such as students, parents, volunteers, coaches, athletes, members of faith organisations and beyond.

MyVoice Key Features

  • Reporting for Everyone
    Available to anyone in your setting who does not have access to MyConcern or Confide
  • Fully Customisable Forms
    Create forms tailored to your setting and fully branded
  • Fast Setup & Integration
    Can be set-up in minutes and integrated onto your website or intranet
  • Total Control
    Set your own mandatory and optional fields within the forms

"We are excited to announce the launch of 'MyVoice' our open access reporting system that enables anyone to report safeguarding concerns. One of the major challenges for any organisation is being able to give confidential access to anonymous reporting and also encourage the wider community to voice their concerns. 'MyVoice' has been designed to do exactly that, a secure and easily accessible platform that guarantees anonymity when required and promotes early intervention and support for those that need it most." - Mike Glanville Chief Safeguarding Officer, The Safeguarding Company

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- Approximately 900 children aged 13 and above participated in a focus group for the report
*anonymous reporting at customers’ discretion

Posted Date

10th February 2023

Rosie Eastwood
Marketing Content Manager

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