Record Safeguarding Concerns On-The-Go With MyConcern's Brand New Companion App

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16th October 2019

Delivering World-Leading Safeguarding Solutions

As the makers of MyConcern we are deeply committed to making sure that MyConcern is the best it can be, ensuring our customers can be at the top of their game when it comes to keeping the children and young people in the care safe from harm. We’re delighted that MyConcern is now not only used by schools and colleges across the UK and worldwide, but that other sector-specific versions of the solution have also been adopted by a fast-growing number of local authorities, charities and high-profile sporting organisations. Whatever the industry, MyConcern serves the same purpose: to keep children, young people and adults at risk safe and enable those responsible for their safety to act quickly and prevent harm.

Why Use The MyConcern Companion App?

With our brand-new Companion app, it’s now even simpler for MyConcern users to securely and quickly record critical information about incidents as and when they occur, even when they are on-the-go (e.g. on a field trip, on the playing field). The app also allows notifications to be sent directly to a user’s device, giving them confidence and peace of mind that they will never miss an important safeguarding alert.

“Part of our commitment to our customers is making sure that MyConcern continues to grow and develop in line with the needs of safeguarding practitioners. We know that notes made ‘at the time’ improve accuracy and timeliness and in industries such as education, where people are constantly on-the-move, a more mobile solution to safeguarding is needed. We are thrilled to be releasing our brand-new companion app and hope that it will empower our users to act as quickly as possible to prevent harm to the most vulnerable people in society.”

Find Out More And Download The MyConcern Companion App Today

If you want to find out more about the award-winning safeguarding software MyConcern, you can book a free online demo here. To find out more about the app please visit the Companion App page where you can find links to download from your app store*.

*Will only work as a functioning safeguarding app with a current subscription to MyConcern.

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