Our Partnership with CAPH

In 2019 we were selected as the ‘Preferred Partners’ of the Cornwall Association of Primary Heads (CAPH). This blog discusses CAPH, its role as one of the largest local authorities in England and why they selected The Safeguarding Company for their partnership.

What is CAPH?

CAPH is a Community Interest Company which is owned by schools in Cornwall and is committed to improving and supporting primary education. By offering support to school leaders and schools within the group CAPH is a driver of innovation. Another important function CAPH serves is to make sure that Headteachers’ views can be heard at Local Authority Level, and in the broader educational environment including at National Headteacher Forums and through MPs. There are currently over 220 school members of CAPH. Membership is open to all types of schools in Cornwall – whether they are academies, trusts or maintained. If you are interested in joining them you can find out more here.

Children And Young People In Cornwall

Cornwall is the second-largest local authority in the South West of England. In this area, affluence sits alongside some of the most disadvantaged areas in the country. Reports of violence (including Domestic Abuse crimes) and sexual offences are higher here than in similar nearby areas and are seen to be increasing. Cornwall is home to 545,351 people, 20% of whom are under 18 so schools in the area play a vital role in keeping children and young people safe from harm.

Preferred Partners

CAPH have chosen The Safeguarding Company to be their preferred partner for safeguarding. This is an immense honour – keeping children safe is at the heart of all we do. We are looking forward to enabling schools in Cornwall to implement highly secure and robust methods to record and manage their child protection and well-being concerns.

Why Did CAPH Select The Safeguarding company?

After an in-depth process to consider who would be best suited as their “Preferred Partner” for safeguarding, the association appointed The Safeguarding Company. They were impressed with our ground-breaking software solution, MyConcern, and were also excited by the expertise that our team of specialist Safeguarding Consultants will be sharing with schools in the group.

"The safeguarding credentials embedded within The Safeguarding Company made them the obvious choice for us. We’re really looking forward to working with the creators of MyConcern, we hope this partnership will enable us to keep safeguarding practices within our community at the highest standard." - Katie Chandler, Business Development Manager for CAPH

"We are truly honoured to have been recognised by CAPH for our safeguarding credentials and expertise. This partnership will allow One Team Logic to work closely with schools and safeguarding leads within Cornwall, to empower them to protect the children and young people in their care from harm, and to promote a culture of excellence in child protection in the area." - Mike Glanville, Chief Safeguarding Officer for The Safeguarding Company.

Posted Date

21st August 2019

Sam Franklin

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