The Benefits of Mentor Audits

Introducing Safeguarding Audits and Self-Assessments! With over 200 years of combined safeguarding experience, safeguarding audits form part of our total safeguarding solutions.

Safeguarding everyone, everywhere
Safeguarding is a rapidly evolving field, with new recommendations and updates constantly released. Keeping up with the changes and ensuring that the safeguarding procedures you put in place are successful in protecting the people in your care can be challenging. Children and young people face a growing number of problems and difficulties, so it is important to regularly review and update your current systems to make sure they are still relevant, functional, and that all staff members are following the procedure you have in place to handle any safeguarding concerns.

The Inspection Impact
Ofsted Inspection outcomes show that schools are not meeting safeguarding requirements. In a recent review, undertaken by Mike Glanville via The Safeguarding Company, data showed that 22.85% of schools required improvement and 9.2% were inadequate and that failings came predominantly from ‘Record and Case Management’. The report found that ‘Some record-keeping is incomplete because leaders are not consistently logging and analysing the actions taken to keep pupils safe. This means pupils who may be at risk of harm are not always getting the support that they need.’ The report also highlighted the importance of proper training, as ‘leaders and staff do not always recognise safeguarding incidents for what they are.’ Determining training requirements, as our audits do, can help your organisation use its existing safeguarding software to its fullest potential and enhance overall organisation-wide safeguarding. 

Developed by Safeguardians
The Safeguarding self-assessment tools and audits will follow a two-tier system which includes an enhanced option for larger organisations and the audits will include a detailed report including an executive summary, bespoke recommendations and considerations supported by a table of evidence. This will include a desktop assessment, deep dive into your safeguarding software focussing on the following areas: Reporting of Concerns, Triaging and Assessment of Concerns, Chronology, Dashboard Management, Identification of any training needs and much more. These safeguarding audits are for everyone, everywhere and can include existing Safeguarding Company software like MyConcern and Clarity, as well as other recording and case management products. Our team of experts are on hand to share further information which is also available via our website. 

The benefits of Mentor Audits

  • Get detailed reporting and feedback supported by evidence
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Highlight areas that need improvement across your organisation
  • Policy reviews in line with current legislation
  • Access to our safeguarding experts, with over 200 year’s combined experience
  • Optimise your current case management software, whether you use existing Safeguarding
  • Company software like MyConcern or Clarity, or an external programme
  • Ensure compliance with statutory guidance, including Ofsted
  • Improve Total Safeguarding across your organisation


“We’re so proud of our new Mentor Auditing service, which our in-house team of safeguarding experts have been working on tirelessly, alongside our colleagues here at The Safeguarding Company. This new service will offer schools, MATS and organisations globally the chance to improve their safeguarding culture and processes through detailed and evidential reports” – Natasha Lawrence, Head of Safeguarding Services

Learn more about Mentor Audits and their benefits here 


Rosie Eastwood
Marketing Content Manager

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