The Safeguarding Company

Products & Services Terms of Use

These terms apply to all Users of any product or Service provided by The Safeguarding Company ("the System"); they also apply to all Users who are not members of staff in your Establishment; ( employee of a local authority or other trusted partner invited into the System by a person authorised to do so by the Data Controller in your Establishment).

"Establishment" is the School, College or other trusted partner that is the Data Controller for the relevant Product or Service.

By becoming a User of The Safeguarding Company product or service I accept the following terms and conditions:

  1. I am only authorised to access the System for the purpose for which it was designed within the Establishment for which the system has been provided;
  2. When I set my password for the System I will not re-use a password that I currently use, or have previously used for other systems;
  3. I am responsible at all times for the security of my System password; I will not disclose it to any other person or allow any other person to use it;
  4. If I make a record of my password I will keep it secure; I will not store my password with my user name or the name of the System or the Establishment;
  5. If my password is lost, stolen or otherwise compromised I will change my password immediately; I will also notify a Senior User of the System within the Establishment;
  6. When using the System I will do so in accordance with my Establishment's Information Security Policy and all relevant Data Protection controls deemed necessary by my establishment.
  7. I will refer all non-User requests for information from the System (e.g. from a student, parent, or any other person) to a designated representative within the Establishment, irrespective of whether the request is for personal information or for de-personalised data;
  8. When using the System, whether inside the Establishment or elsewhere I will ensure that no-one else can see my login details or any of the information recorded on the System;
  9. When I have finished using the System or when the computer or device that I am using to access the System is unattended by me I will log off so that no-one else can gain unauthorised access to the System;
  10. If I suspect that any person has gained unauthorised access to the System I will immediately notify a Senior User within the Establishment. If a Senior User cannot be contacted I must immediately notify The Safeguarding Company on +44(0)330 660 0767.
  11. I will only interact with the System for the purpose for which it was designed, and will not attempt to interact with the Systemin anyway that would compromise the performance, security or integrity of the System.
  12. Use of the course content, resources and all accompanying materials provided by The Safeguarding Company is restricted to customers only and not to be shared or used outside of their organisation