Are you safeguarding your students?

As we proactively manage a student's non-academic needs, we 'safeguard' their learning - we keep them on the path to success!

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What is Safeguarding?

When we 'safeguard' students, we take care of them, protect them from harm, address their vulnerabilities and proactively manage their non-academic needs.

We deliberately support student engagement by mitigating those factors that keep children distracted from their learning, like bullying. As a safeguarding company, we provide the training and software tools needed to do this for each and every student.

Begin with the end in mind

Read our Safeguarding E-Book that provides an in-depth look at Contextual Safeguarding, Safer Recruitment, and managing concerns about colleagues.

Safeguarding E-Book


Of Primary Students have been bullied at some time


Rise in Reports of Child Abuse in the year to March 2021 compared with the year previous. (Central Statistics Office)


Of Secondary students have been bullied at some time

In our experience, effective Safeguarding practice starts with the Essentials

The Essentials

Recording and Case Management

Good record keeping is the cornerstone of effective safeguarding practice.

A vitally important practical step in safeguarding is to record concerns as they arise. MyConcern® is our Award-winning secure digital platform that enables staff or other members of your organisation (such as volunteers) to record their safeguarding concerns quickly and easily.

Recording safeguarding concerns in a carefully structured and consistent way supports highly effective case management and data analysis. Our mobile companion app enables the secure recording and case management of concerns on-the-go and seamlessly links with your user account in MyConcern.

Take Action

Informed Decision Making

Understanding your safeguarding data is critical if you want to prevent serious harm.

By recording incidents and concerns diligently and consistently a picture will quickly emerge of risks, issues and trends. By monitoring and managing your data in MyConcern you will be in the best possible position to provide early help and to demonstrate the impact of your initiatives and interventions.

Generating Insight

Build a Rich Picture

Gaining a multi-establishment perspective provides much greater insight to improve safeguarding practice.

Safeguarding concerns are rarely limited to a single place or issue - they often occur in multiple locations and involve several people and issues. Building a rich picture using a wide base of data and from a multi-establishment perspective can provide much greater insight. Organisation-wide and even community-based action now becomes possible.

Data from multiple instances of MyConcern can be analysed using the advanced capabilities of Clarity® to track trends, identify actionable opportunities for intervention, save time and money, and improve safeguarding practice.

"Adolescents who had been bullied were 6.6 times more likely to report having attempted suicide compared to their peers "


Combine the best practice of Safeguarding, with the very best technology.

Collective Responsibility

Working with Others

Managing and sharing information securely, lawfully, and pro-actively.

When safeguarding intervention is needed, effective communication within and between individuals and organisations is vital. Our whole suite of products brings everything that you need to work with others, not least at times of crisis.

You can share safeguarding information securely, confidentially and easily using capabilities such as automated chronologies, anonymising tools, referral tracking and secure data transfer between agencies.

Continuous Personal Development

People and Teams

Effective safeguarding relies on people working well together, sharing information and supporting each other.

Any organisation committed to effective safeguarding needs to ensure their staff, volunteers and other relevant people receive regular high-quality safeguarding training and development.

Mentor™ is our package of safeguarding services that includes tutor-led and learner-led CPD accredited training, safeguarding masterclasses and downloadable templates and tools to help you build and maintain safeguarding expertise in your organisation.

How can you use technology to support student wellbeing?

Safeguarding with MyConcern can be a simple but powerful process that supports students within their needs. By strategically implementing safeguarding with experience-based training, assigning safeguarding leads at the school and district, embedding proactive measures in the classroom, and using the proven MyConcern software, educators can effectively manage the wellbeing concerns students present.


With the easy-to-use MyConcern app, teachers, administrators, counselors, lunch workers, bus drivers, and all other staff members can report and document observed student concerns. This concern flows up to the school’s assigned safeguarding lead who uses MyConcern to track, analyze, assign follow-up and manage these student concerns. These efforts can be reported, audited, redacted, disaggregated and analyzed for lessons learned going forward.


Our Safeguarding Solutions

Our Total Safeguarding approach combines the very best safeguarding technology and practice. It's all backed by world class customer service.


For Concerns about Children and Young Adults

Easy-to-use, centralised, secure record-keeping and case management for all types of safeguarding concerns

Find out more

For Allegations Against Staff

One of the most sensitive issues facing any leader is how to handle serious allegations about their staff. Confide is the answer

Find out more

For Multi-establishment Reporting

A powerful reporting tool designed exclusively for multi-establishment safeguarding. Paired with MyConcern and Confide to provide high-level, anonymised reporting across groups of establishments

Find out more

For Safer Recruitment

A safer recruitment and personnel vetting tool that acts as your Single Central Record. Designed to guide you through the recruitment process and to ensure that no check is missed

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For Training and Self-assessments

Our package of safeguarding training and self-assessments to help you build and maintain safeguarding expertise in your organisation

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