Applying for a Grant: How Sports Clubs can Finance their Safeguarding Software

It is vital that every sports organisation and club, no matter how small, has an effective way of recording and managing safeguarding concerns. However, we are aware that some smaller clubs may not have the available budget to allocate to a safeguarding solution like MyConcern, Sentry or Confide. In this blog, we discuss how organisations can apply for grants to finance their safeguarding systems.

Applying for a grant

In order to be eligible for a grant, an application must meet a range of additional criteria.

Eligible Organisations include:

  • Charitable incorporated organisations and Scottish charitable incorporated organisations
  • Community interest companies (CIC) limited by guarantee
  • Registered charities
  • Unregistered Organisations

Minimum standards 

  • The organisation must have at least three members on the board or committee
  • There is a named safeguarding representative within the organisation
  • Training should cover both safeguarding best practice and a briefing on the organisation’s safeguarding policies and procedures
  • All people working with children including staff and volunteers are subject to relevant, regular background checks such as Disclosure & Barring Service, Disclosure Scotland or Access NI
  • The Safeguarding Children policy includes clear steps to take in the event of an incident or disclosure, including who to inform and how to contact them


Safeguarding Policies and Training

It is important that the organisations Safeguarding Children and Young People policy is in the organisations name, grants will not be accepted if policies are in the name of another organisation such as a partner organisation, a parent organisation or a related organisation.

When applying for a grant you will be asked about your safeguarding training including:

  • What subjects are covered in the training such as online safety and signs of abuse
  • how often you staff and volunteers have their general safeguarding training refreshed
  • The name of the organisation/individual who delivers your Safeguarding training as well as what qualifies them to deliver this training and that they are up to date with the most relevant information and best practice

Organisation Types

You must provide the following for your grant:

  • Organisation contact details such as name, registered org and charity/company number
  • If you are a registered organisation such as a charity, a CIC or a company limited by guarantee you must provide your registration number
  • If your organisation is a company registered with Companies House, please use your Companies House registration number

Other Questions

Other questions you may be asked when applying for a sports grant include:

  • How many children and young people each year will benefit from this funding?
  • A Summary of the work that the grant will fund e.g. a safeguarding solution that will allow our organisation to better safeguarding and protect the children and young people in our care
  • describe in more detail what activities/services the children and young people will experience as a result of this grant
  • If you are a current grant-holder, please explain whether this request is for new work or is for the continuation of your current grant?
  • If successful, when will you begin to spend this grant?
  • Please describe the three most important differences your organisation will make in the lives of the children and young people you work with as a result of this funding
  • Please tell us how you will monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the work you do, to demonstrate the differences you have mentioned above


Sports Grants


Posted Date

22nd February 2022

Georgia Latief
Marketing Content Manager

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