Integration Provides Greater Visibility of Safeguarding Alerts

The education sector is built for collaborative working. This blog details why and how has integrated with our MyConcern software to help you improve your safeguarding practices.

It’s often said, ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ – and there’s a good reason for that: it does!

Education is a sector built on collaborative working with common goals. And whether it’s teachers sharing strategies, advice, or offering each other help, this culture of mutual support creates a positive work environment where everyone works together towards the joint objective of equipping students with the skills they need for the future.

Collaboration shouldn’t stop with the people in education, however; the tech is important too. Schools use a myriad of technologies yet so many solutions don’t talk to each other – and things could be so much more effective if they did!

That’s something the teams at both and The Safeguarding Company recognise, so we decided to partner up and integrate our two solutions to make life easier for safeguarding staff and further protect students by ensuring no incident gets accidentally overlooked. is a flexible teaching and online safety platform that makes blended learning easy while keeping a close eye on students’ internet activity to keep them safe online. Whether everyone is together in the classroom or learning remotely at home, it’s intuitive to use and easy for teachers to lead learning – and educators can use it consistently in every situation, with no swapping and changing of solutions according to where they are. 

Easy integration

If your school uses both and MyConcern, the two solutions don’t need to operate in isolation. Once configured and integrated by your IT team, you can send any of the alerts from students that are triggered in directly to your school’s MyConcern account so that you can view them in both places. And, once set up, it’s easy to do – it’s a simple click of the ‘Send to MyConcern’ button on each event that a student triggers in

Once integrated, the ‘Send to MyConcern’ button appears in each triggered event in

When you click, you can simply link the event to the relevant student in MyConcern. We’ve made it as simple, fuss-free, and accessible as possible for safeguarding staff. After all, there’s no place for complexity during a safeguarding incident.

So, if your school already has a MyConcern account and is considering using, this integration is a significant benefit to comprehensive student safeguarding.

How looks after

students online

Aside from its proven features for online instruction and collaboration,’s online safety toolkit acts as schools’ eyes and ears – keeping an eye on students’ online activity, spotting online safety trends, and identifying those at risk. Its powerful tools and unique contextual intelligence technology provide staff with the insights they need to act quickly to help students in need – nipping situations in the bud and even using any trending terms as a timely learning opportunity for everyone.

Its online safety tools include:

  • Student ‘Report a concern’- students can now report their concerns by sending a message in confidence to a trusted member of staff.
  • Keyword monitoring – with language packs to extend safeguarding to a wider number of students who may not be typing in English.
  • Word cloud of trending topics – with definitions for teachers to assess their significance.
  • Risk Index – helps staff quickly determine the severity of triggered events with the benefit of technology that considers the context of each search alongside a student’s previous activity.
  • Event tracking – for safeguarding staff to keep track of the stages of review for each alert and ensure nothing gets missed.
  • Dedicated use for safeguarding staff – No need to involve the IT team; the online safety tools are for independent use by safeguarding staff to ensure confidentiality and the correct professional response.

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Posted Date

5th July 2022

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