The Complete Guide to Online Safeguarding Training

When Covid-19 restrictions were ongoing most people were spending the majority of their time at home. Now with a range of flexible working becoming the norm, e-learning is not only preferable but in some cases essential. Here at The Safeguarding Company, we have adapted by offering CPD accredited safeguarding training delivered live online by our safeguarding professionals. This blog will introduce the wide range of training courses and their key features.

Benefits of MyConcern Online Safeguarding Training

These interaction sessions delivered online allows you the opportunity to ask questions, to learn at your own pace and at your own convenience. Our high-quality courses have been designed by experienced practitioners to ensure compliance with the latest statutory guidance and legislation.

These courses will provide you with the skills and confidence to undertake all aspects of your safeguarding role in your organisation whether you are a safeguarding lead, a member of staff, a support member of staff or someone in a leadership role including governance. We want to ensure that you can effectively safeguard the children and young people in your setting whatever your role.

Most importantly these online courses enable you to develop and improve your safeguarding practice and keep children and young people safe more effectively especially given these trying times.

Features of MyConcern Online  Training

There are several valuable features to our online safeguarding training courses. The ‘live’ online learning format is interactive allowing you the opportunities to ask questions and seek clarification. Each online session will include a wide range of activities and tools for practical application otherwise lacking in a recorded training course.

We have structured each course to be delivered in bite-sized modules, specially designed to make it easier for you to have more flexibility when attending online training courses. In between modules keep continuing learning with small assessments including discussions on case studies and best practice in safeguarding.

Our team of safeguarding trainers is made up of experienced and highly qualified safeguarding practitioners some of whom worked as safeguarding leads. They have tailored the content of each course specifically in line with safeguarding best practice, emerging themes, and trends. They will provide you with an in-depth understanding relevant to your role with practical advice using real-life scenarios. You will come away from our online safeguarding course with a real understanding of how safeguarding and child protection should work within your organisation. 



Training Courses We offer

DSL/DSP Training

This course is aimed at newly appointed Designated Safeguarding Leads/Persons or those wishing to revisit the foundations of their role and responsibilities. It will provide you with the everyday skills to confidently protect the children you work with and identify additional measures your establishment can take to strengthen its safeguarding culture.

DSL Refresher Training

The course is aimed at Safeguarding Leads who have previously attended a full Designated Role course and require an update to their knowledge and skills. Breaking down the 2020 Triennial education sector report and the MyConcern review of the pandemic period, we will draw on Lessons Learned and how they translate into improvements to your everyday practices and procedures.

All Staff Training England and Wales

This course is aimed at all staff, including support staff and volunteers, working or coming into contact with children. Establishing the foundations of safeguarding children, you will gain the necessary skills to confidently protect the children within your establishment and demonstrate the appropriate response to your concerns. 

Governor Training

Aimed at Safeguarding Governors this course will strengthen your knowledge of safeguarding issues and procedures. You will learn how to effectively work with the senior leadership team whilst developing competence and confidence in carrying out your role. This course will also cover child protection policies, procedures, principles and practice.

Advanced Safeguarding Training

This course is aimed at the more experienced Safeguarding Lead looking to build on existing knowledge and practices. We will cover new legislation and guidance key to the safeguarding role and offer up advice in reviewing your policies and procedures to include these many additions.

Safer Recruitment Training

This course is aimed at all individuals involved in the recruitment process, the foundation of creating a safe environment and culture for children and young people to thrive in. You will gain vital skills in identifying, deterring, or rejecting individuals who pose a risk of harm and an understanding of your statutory responsibilities incorporating the recommendations.

Prevent Duty Training

The Prevent Duty is aimed at all staff working within an educational setting. You have a duty, as specified under section 26 of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, to identify vulnerable children and prevent them from being drawn into terrorism. This course will equip you with the necessary understanding of your duty, the risk to children and provide you with relevant resources and support to fulfil your role and protect those exposed to extremism.

International Training

Aimed at Designated Child Protection Leads providing you with the practical everyday skills to confidently protect the children you work with. By understanding the responsibilities of your role, you will be equipped to competently make decisions, take appropriate action, and accurately record your responses to child protection concerns.




We asked our customers for feedback on how our online safeguarding training performs compared to a more traditional face to face, classroom-based training and here's what they said...

'The Trainers Debbie and Sarah were outstanding. Having done many courses before as Chair of Governors this was among the best I have attended.' - Dawn Hutchinson, Radipole Primary, Dorset

'All of it was useful and helpful! It systematically went through each section in great detail with pauses to discuss and real-life references... I gained a lot from looking into my local offer for safeguarding and looking more deeply in a serious case review'. - Michelle Omoboni, St James's Hatcham C of E

'This was one of the best CPD courses I have taken in the last five years. Really useful, informative, engaging and relevant'Bruna Gushurst-Moore, Worth School


In summary, our online safeguarding training is the solution to all your training needs. Online and interactive, our safeguarding training courses are easy to access, in bite-sized modules so you can have more flexibility when attending. Our professional and experienced trainers will leave you with enough knowledge to confidently safeguard children and young people in your organisation.  

Posted Date

12th March 2021

Georgia Latief
Marketing Content Manager

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