Partnership Launch brings in a New Era of Safeguarding within Elite Sport

The Safeguarding Company and Kairos are delighted to announce a new partnership designed to provide an efficient and comprehensive digital safeguarding system for sporting academies and youth teams.

The strategic partnership will be the first of its kind worldwide, and is driven by the growing need for effective systems to be put in place specifically by elite sports teams that work with young people.

Kairos is a global leading sports technology company, providing communications and operational tools for elite sports teams in major leagues across the globe. Kairos also specialises in working with some of the world's leading sports academies to ensure safe, secure and seamless communication between staff, young people and guardians.

The Safeguarding Company provides industry leading safeguarding solutions that prevent, reduce and eliminate abuse, harm and neglect and protect the wellbeing, health and human rights of children and adults all over the world - including elite sports teams.

This exciting partnership will see the integration of both platforms facilitating the secure and accurate reporting, recording and management of all safeguarding, pastoral and wellbeing concerns about young people in their care. Senior leaders benefit from an instant and up-to-date overview of all safeguarding concerns at the click of a button and the ability to clearly identify trends. They can also easily assess and demonstrate the impact of their safeguarding interventions.

Gareth Quinn, Kairos Chief Operations Officer, said: “The safety and wellbeing of young people is of critical importance to any sports organisation that works with youth players. We know that academies and other youth teams we work with are striving to make the sporting environment as safe as possible while improving club communications and operations amongst all key stakeholders and we are passionate about playing our part in that. To that end we couldn’t be happier to partner with The Safeguarding Company, a fantastic team with extensive domain expertise”

Mike Glanville, Chief Safeguarding Officer at The Safeguarding Company, explained: “Recent high-profile news stories have shown that a range of safeguarding issues can affect all those taking part in and organising regular sporting activity and at all levels. This creates an enormous responsibility for coaches, team managers, safeguarding leads and volunteers to support individuals and manage what can be extremely challenging issues. Our partnership with Kairos delivers a highly effective combination of best safeguarding practice and world class technology into this all-important area of our lives.”

About The Safeguarding Company

The Safeguarding Company provides software and training solutions that support coaches, staff and volunteers in implementing Safeguarding practices in sports organisations. These practices increase the wellbeing of young players and athletes by reducing the impact of social emotional and mental health challenges, trauma, abuse and other concerns. Effective Safeguarding practice enables sports organisation leaders to identify problems before they arise, deal with concerns more effectively and build a network of support that protects vulnerable children and adults. MyConcern is the software tool that coaches, staff and volunteers use to securely record wellbeing concerns about students. With Safeguarding, administrators can holistically and collaboratively support a student’s wellbeing and take preventative action as needed. For more information, visit our safeguarding in sport page.

About Kairos

Kairos works directly with elite teams and academies across the globe to help them maximise efficiency, clarity and focus through their market leading digital communications and operations platform. The interactive web and mobile app allows for departments across the organisation to benefit from clear and secure scheduling, messaging, data collection and information sharing. No other communication tool is required as Kairos is the sole digital interface between team, player and where necessary, guardian.

The company was co-founded by world renowned rugby player Andrew Trimble and the company continues to be player focused and driven by on-field performance. For more information please visit

Posted Date

24th February 2022

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