TeachCo Review of Confide

John Dabell from TeachCo has reviewed our newest safeguarding solution Confide; for managing all allegations and low-level concerns against adults working within your organisation. This blog will lay out his full review.

“Confide will help ensure that any concerns regarding the adults in your setting are shared promptly” 

Confide: An online system designed to ensure that your school’s safeguarding procedures are as robust and effective as possible 

At a Glance 

  • A secure software solution for recording and managing allegations and concerns made against staff within your organisation 
  • Enables secure sharing of relevant information with key partners 
  • Helps track trends and produce accurate data reports
  • Fully compliant with GDPR and the 2018 Data Protection Act 

The business of keeping children safe in education is everyone’s business. Schools have a duty to safeguard all pupils and create a safe learning environment by ensuring that only adults suitable to work with children are employed there. 

It’s therefore crucial that there be a robust process in place for dealing with any allegations of harm or abuse against students by staff members, supply teachers, volunteers or contractors, in accordance with the government’s statutory Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance. 

Schools are expected to have in place a two-tier system when it comes to dealing with safeguarding cases, with allegations either meeting an active harms threshold, or being grouped under ‘low-level concerns’/ ‘neutral notifications’ – but how should you go about recording and managing these? Enter Confide, by The Safeguarding Company makers of MyConcern– a strategic safeguarding tool intended to help schools handle safeguarding cases professionally and transparently, and respond in ways that will stand up to any subsequent scrutiny. 

What Confide enables you to do is chronologically record all aspects of a safeguarding investigation, while keeping all accompanying documents in a secure storage environment and providing users with the facility to produce accurate data reporting. Needless to say, the system's schools use to manage safeguarding concerns have to be highly resistant to any form of unauthorised access or tampering and be trusted by a school’s community, lest future incidents go unreported. Confide will ensure that your staff feel safe in submitting those reports while allowing you to restrict access to the system so that any sensitive data gathered is seen only by appropriately authorised personnel. 

Any school’s safeguarding has to be absolutely watertight. Confide will help ensure that any concerns regarding the adults in your setting are shared promptly with the right people and accurately logged, thus engendering an open, transparent, supportive and respectful culture. 

Confide can also go a long way towards helping identify any weaknesses or oversights in your organisation’s existing procedures. It’s an innovative software solution that ought to be hardwired within a school’s culture, where it can play an integral role as part of a safeguarding system that identifies concerns swiftly and accurately while maintaining confidentiality and security at every step. 

Ultimately, Confide is a must-have case management platform for all headteachers/principals, designated safeguarding leads, values guardians and safeguarding champions. 


  • Can help schools improve their strategic and operational safeguarding arrangements, objectives and policies 
  • Is able to improve the quality and reliability of a school’s accountability process 
  • Contributes to a culture of positive safeguarding practice, with a focus on prevention and early interventions 
  • Helps ensure that children’s best interests are protected while fostering a hostile environment for any potential perpetrators 

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If you’re looking for a well-crafted, fair and ethical system for managing safeguarding allegations made against staff, in which matters of confidentiality and student protection are given appropriate priority. 


Review by John Dabell. Read the full review HERE

Posted Date

10th February 2022


For Allegations Against Staff

One of the most sensitive issues facing any leader is how to handle serious allegations about their staff. Confide is the answer

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