TeachCo Review of MyConcern

John Dabell from TeachCo has reviewed our Queen's Award-winning safeguarding solution MyConcern; for reporting, recording and managing all levels of safeguarding and pastoral concerns within your organisation. This blog will lay out his full review.

“It's [MyConcern] reporting tools are second to none” 

Stay on top of your safeguarding obligations and ensure concerns are promptly addressed with this user-friendly reporting system.

At a Glance 

  • Bespoke safeguarding software for creating customised reports
  • Automated chronologies for identifying trends
  • Allows for easier inter-agency information sharing
  • Up-to-date advice and guidance resources, including templates

Child protection is a key priority for all schools but one that’s become increasingly complicated to manage, as the safeguarding risks children are potentially vulnerable to have grown over time. Children spend around 7,800 hours in the care of teachers and other staff. The scale of this responsibility is enormous, and its challenges are complex. Staff are regularly informed that if they see something, they say should say something and report it – but how?

Schools need to ensure they have robust data and reporting mechanisms in place, so that effective action can be initiated in accordance with existing policies and staff can ensure procedures are being followed, while enabling different agencies to work together.

That’s why I unreservedly recommend MyConcern – a Queen’s Award-winning secure digital platform created by former police officers, designed to enable staff to easily record, report and manage all safeguarding, well-being and pastoral concerns. The software is brilliantly configured to provide all the expertise school staff will need in one place. As soon as a concern is raised, it’s assigned its own unique reference number and a Designated safeguarding lead or person is alerted, thus kick-starting the process of triaging.

Concerns can be grouped under different categories and case owners can easily be assigned. Users then have the option to view an automated chronology, complete with filtering, redaction and export functions. Separate files can be easily attached to concerns, with all documents, securely stored

A main ‘Concerns’ dashboard will clearly display any filed, open and new concerns, while a ‘Pupil Profiles’ function can be made to show aggregated information across all concerns, including body maps, flags and level of need. MyConcern can provide safeguarding leads with the confidence that they’re meeting all statutory, legal and moral obligations. Its reporting tools are second to none, giving you detailed data analysis of the highest order, and the option to present all this data via easy to digest summaries, to help identify trends and deploy resources more effectively.

Crucially, MyConcern will help schools build effective, well-informed safeguarding teams that can respond rapidly when a child appears to be at risk. Accountability processes are baked in, with the platform keeping a thorough audit trail of who, when and what has been involved in any given concern. Information sharing with external partners is therefore made more accurate, reliable and better able to withstand later scrutiny, allowing you to minimise your own risks and ensure compliance. Even better, any concerns you have can be securely recorded and case managed on any internet-enabled device, either through a web browser or via the dedicated MyConcern mobile app.

The welfare and well-being of children is everyone’s business. MyConcern can be a powerful ally to you in helping record and manage essential evidence as part of your whole-school safeguarding procedures.


  • An ultra-secure platform for recording and addressing safeguarding concerns
  • Robust and sophisticated reporting tools
  • Smartly designed, with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface accessible via multiple devices
  • Excellent value for money
  • An innovative and outstanding piece of safeguarding infrastructure

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You are looking to easily record and manage any safeguarding concerns while saving time and facilitating early intervention. This is a powerful system that can materially improve your safeguarding provision


Review by John Dabell. Read the full review HERE

Posted Date

12th May 2022


For Concerns about Children and Young Adults

Easy-to-use, centralised, secure record-keeping and case management for all types of safeguarding concerns

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