The Safeguarding Community - Q&A with Vikkey Chaffe

At The Safeguarding Company we understand that safeguarding is not a 9-5 job and often the work follows safeguarders home. We want to create a safe space where everyone involved in safeguarding feels supported and heard, a place to share best practice and share advice. So we have created The Safeguarding Community which will be launching in February 2022. In this blog our Content Manager sat down with Vikkey Chaffe, Our Head of Community Relations, to chat about the community and why it is so important for safeguarders to have a safe space to access.

Georgia Latief
Marketing Content Manager

Welcome to the fist Q&A session of 2022! I am extremely excited to be talking to our very own Head of Community Relations, Vikkey Chaffe. Vikkey is heading up the launch of our first free community for safeguarders! Vikkey, please can you tell us a little bit about yourself?  


Question 1:

Why is there such a need for our safeguarders to have a safe place to connect with each other?


Question 2:

You talk about having a safe space, what is this going to look like?


Question 3:

Who is this community for and is it just for customers of The Safeguarding Company?


Question 4:

How and when can we access The Safeguarding Community?


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