Customer Stories

Cardiff and Vale College

Author: Lisa Purcell, Head of ALN and Wellbeing

30000 Students
500 Staff Members
Wales, UK

The Challenge

Cardiff and Vale College (CAVC) is one of the largest FE colleges in the UK. It consists of 6 main campuses where 500 staff members deliver courses, qualifications and apprenticeship programmes to more than 30,000 learners.

Prior to using MyConcern, CAVC had created their own bespoke system to manage safeguarding and wellbeing concerns. With such a large number of students to oversee, they realised a growing demand for a secure, easy to use safeguarding system to enable all staff to efficiently record their concerns.

"I would highly recommend using MyConcern. I’ve used it in both a school and college setting now and have been really impressed "

Lisa Purcell Head of ALN and Wellbeing, Cardiff and Vale College

"I don’t know what we would have done without MyConcern during lockdown! "

Lisa Purcell Head of ALN and Wellbeing, Cardiff and Vale College

The Solution - MyConcern

To formalise the reporting of safeguarding and wellbeing concerns, the team at CAVC began looking into adopting software to manage their needs. They’d heard fantastic feedback for MyConcern Safeguarding Software from schools in their area and from a college student services network and decided that MyConcern was the best fit for their needs.

Implementing MyConcern

By implementing MyConcern, CAVC hoped to streamline their safeguarding processes and provide a safer way of storing and recording data. They also needed a more efficient way for their safeguarding and wellbeing teams to triage concerns.

"Most of the secondary schools in our area were already using MyConcern, and we’d heard excellent feedback from them"

Lisa Purcell Head of ALN and Wellbeing, Cardiff and Vale College

The Outcomes

  • Staff find it easy and straightforward to use
  • The mobile app makes it even easier if you’re offsite or on-the-go
  • Saved significant time, it only takes 2 minutes to report a concern!
  • Staff get peace of mind by knowing that action is being taken on their concerns
  • Powerful data enables departments to plan their curriculum and tutorial programmes
  • Wellbeing team can be more proactive by looking at themes to deliver training
  • Specific support needs for staff and learners can be recognised and implemented
  • Visibility of system usage helps us to identify staff safeguarding training requirements
  • We can offer support to learners before the situation reaches a crisis
  • User levels mean we can include social workers and other trusted professionals in key concerns
  • We can build a team to better support learners and include foster carers and social services


Our suite of safeguarding solutions to support colleges is ever growing, so we can help with your safeguarding processes in a number of ways. Explore our products below:


For Concerns about Children and Young Adults

Easy-to-use, centralised, secure record-keeping and case management for all types of safeguarding concerns

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For Safer Recruitment

A safer recruitment and personnel vetting tool that acts as your Single Central Record. Designed to guide you through the recruitment process and to ensure that no check is missed

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For Multi-establishment Reporting

A powerful reporting tool designed exclusively for multi-establishment safeguarding. Paired with MyConcern and Confide to provide high-level, anonymised reporting across groups of establishments

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For Allegations Against Staff

One of the most sensitive issues facing any leader is how to handle serious allegations about their staff. Confide is the answer

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