Customer Stories

Cardiff City FC Foundation

Author: Simon Stephens, Programmes Director

The Challenge

Cardiff City Football Club Community Foundation is the official charity of Cardiff City Football Club. They support children, young people and vulnerable adults from disadvantaged communities in South Wales, supporting 17,000 participants every academic year. They offer a range of programmes to inspire education, improve health and wellbeing and build safer communities.

Before adopting MyConcern the Foundation used paper to record and file any wellbeing or safeguarding concerns. This raised issues with consistency of information recording and reporting, records were also held in multiple locations. The administrative side of safeguarding was a challenge, particularly accessing and storing information securely and ensuring follow-ups were taking place for each case.

The Solution - MyConcern

Cardiff City Football Club Community Foundation was looking for a secure and trusted system to make their safeguarding reporting more robust and save administrative time.

MyConcern was recommended to the Foundation by their club’s safeguarding consultant. After considering the cost and reputation of MyConcern, as well as the maintenance and support options available to MyConcern customers, the Foundation decided that MyConcern was the best solution for them

"MyConcern makes it easy to identify key trends in cases and profiles, enabling us to improve our safeguarding practices. "

Simon Stephens Programmes Director, Cardiff City Football Club Community Foundation

Implementing MyConcern

Implementing MyConcern has given the Foundation a more consistent approach to the management of safeguarding.

Staff are now confident that concerns can be stored and accessed securely, any follow-ups on cases or incidents can be easily recorded.

By using MyConcern Cardiff City Football Club Community Foundation has:

  • Saved administration time
  • Reduced time taken to collate chronologies
  • Obtained valuable insight from trends in concerns raised
  • Used ‘Lessons Learned’ to inform training plans
  • Improved their safeguarding practices