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Milborne St Andrew First School

Author: Sharon Hunt, Headteacher

The Challenge

Milborne St Andrew First School caters for 68 pupils from a mixed socio-economic demographic. The school has classes from reception to Year 4.

Prior to using MyConcern, Milborne St Andrew were operating a self-created, colour-coded safeguarding system that relied heavily on paper files. Staff at the school needed a system that would allow them to easily keep on top of essential information and securely share this with all relevant staff and trusted external partners.

They were also looking for a system that would allow them to securely transfer digital files to schools when the students moved on throughout their education.

The Solution - MyConcern

Having seen MyConcern being used in a school and hearing about its benefits, Milborne St Andrew were keen to adopt the system. They were particularly interested in how MyConcern would provide effective and accurate reporting across the school.

"We also find MyConcern an excellent tool to record behavioural and pastoral concerns."

Sharon Hunt Headteacher, Milborne St Andrew First School

Implementing MyConcern

Implementing MyConcern has helped staff at Milborne St Andrew to ensure that their safeguarding processes are more secure, effective and efficient. They have also found that MyConcern ensures that part-time staff can easily and quickly be kept up-to-date.

The Outcomes

  • Improved staff accountability and ownership
  • Effective and accurate reporting of all safeguarding, behavioural and pastoral concerns
  • All relevant staff can be updated with essential safeguarding information quickly and securely
  • Safeguarding records are securely stored
  • Reduced paperwork Improved efficiencies


Our suite of safeguarding solutions to support schools is ever growing, so we can help with your safeguarding processes in a number of ways. Explore our products below:


For Concerns about Children and Young Adults

Easy-to-use, centralised, secure record-keeping and case management for all types of safeguarding concerns

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For Safer Recruitment

A safer recruitment and personnel vetting tool that acts as your Single Central Record. Designed to guide you through the recruitment process and to ensure that no check is missed

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For Multi-establishment Reporting

A powerful reporting tool designed exclusively for multi-establishment safeguarding. Paired with MyConcern and Confide to provide high-level, anonymised reporting across groups of establishments

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For Allegations Against Staff

One of the most sensitive issues facing any leader is how to handle serious allegations about their staff. Confide is the answer

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