Local Authority

Swale Borough Council

Author: Stephanie Curtis, Head of Safeguarding

Local Authority
130,000 Residents
250+ Staff
South East, UK

The Challenge

Swale Borough Council has a population of around 130,000 people. It is largely a rural borough made up of three distinct towns and an island, which sees a large influx of holidaymakers during the summer months. Swale is one of the most deprived areas of Kent.

Prior to adopting MyConcern, Swale were using an intranet-based site to manage their safeguarding responsibilities.

It wasn't easy to track individual referrals, as case notes were added to a free flow text box, which meant any amends could not be easily tracked nor updates made clear.

Furthermore, performance reporting had to be undertaken using a separate system which was a very time-consuming process.

The Solution - MyConcern

Swale wanted to introduce a more efficient system that enabled them to meet their legislative requirements. They started searching for companies that could deliver this to them and found The Safeguarding Company's product: MyConcern.

Swale hoped that by implementing MyConcern, they would benefit from a system that made it easier to log, track and manage the safeguarding concerns raised by Council staff across all of its departments in respect of children, young people and adults at risk along with being able to easily create performance reports for management.

"We preferred the functionality of the system and the costings, compared with other systems. "

Stephanie Curtis Head of Safeguarding, Swale Borough Council

Implementing MyConcern

Using MyConcern enables Swale to meet its legislative requirements. The council found it easy to set up and were impressed by the bespoke version of the site that The Safeguarding Company created for them. The safeguarding team were also impressed by the training provided by The Safeguarding Company, and the support offered should they ever need it.

The system is used by all departments in the council, such as housing. This enables Swale to build a team around vulnerable people in their area, and ensure that they are making every effort to protect them from harm.

Perhaps most useful, was the way they were able to suggest additional functionality to the system so that it could be tailored to their continually evolving needs. For example, by adding the ability to create reports based on the number of referrals made to external agencies. Every safeguarding requirement is met fully, and securely.

The Outcomes

  • Time effective
  • More efficient
  • Enables Swale to protect vulnerable people
  • Able to suggest developments to tailor the system to their requirements
  • Better insight into what types of onward referrals have been made
  • More accurate visibility of outcomes
  • Improved audit functionality to determine review periods on concerns and action taken
  • Enables Swale to meet legislative requirements


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