Safeguarding Students: Begin With The End In Mind

Safeguarding as a practice empowers educators to proactively manage the traumas and challenges students come to school with every day. If left unaddressed, these obstacles prevent students from engaging productively in their learning.

Posted Date

16th September 2021

Mike Glanville

Traditionally, schools have struggled to manage these non-academic needs and tend to respond reactively only after concerns about a students have grown to a crisis level. With Safeguarding, schools implement an intentional process that enables a team of educators, administrators, and outside service providers to focus support on efficiently addressing the student’s needs.

Using the MyConcern online platform all staff members can report non-academic student concerns; these concerns are monitored and managed by a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL); and disaggregated data at the school and district level is tracked and analyzed for trends in reported concerns and lessons learned.

With Safeguarding, schools are empowered to “begin with the end in mind” as they aim to improve non-academic success factors by proactively addressing the real concerns students face so that they can stay engaged in their learning and succeed academically.

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