Episode 10: Thriving After Surviving - Danielle's Story

Posted Date

9th August 2022

Episode 10

Thriving After Surviving: Danielle's Story

In this episode, we speak with Danielle Downey, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and Author of the book It's No Secret: Thriving after Surviving.

We explore her traumatic upbringing and how it has influenced her as an adult, from her career path and charity work, to her approach as a Mother

Presented and produced by: Georgia Latief
Recorded and edited by: Adam Bate
Music by: Dave MacMullan
Guest Speaker: Danielle Downey

Please be aware that this episode discusses topics such as sexual, and emotional abuse towards a minor, domestic violence and attempted suicide.

Danielle's Book, It's No Secret: Thriving after Surviving is available to purchase here.

If you or someone you know are a victim of abuse, the following websites and helplines are available to provide support and advice:

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