S2 Ep3: Consent and Relationships Today

Posted Date

17th May 2023

Episode 3

Consent and Relationships Today

In this episode, we talk to Dr Emily Setty, a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Surrey and conductor of extensive research with young people about sex and relationships. We discuss the roles social media and online subcultures play in boys' and young men's attitudes towards relationships, and explore the importance of understanding young people's perspectives when teaching positive peer cultures.  

Presented by: Vikkey Chaffe
Recorded and edited by: Adam Bate
Music by: Dave MacMullan
Guest Speaker: Dr Emily Setty


Dr Emily Setty also took part in a recent webinar with Life Lessons Co-founder Nicole Rodden on engaging boys in consent education. You can watch this here.

You can see more about Dr Emily Setty's work and research here.

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