Episode 6: Eating Disorders

Posted Date

6th April 2022

Episode 6

Eating Disorders and Compulsive Exercise

In this episode, we speak to Jenny Tomei, an Eating Disorder Coach, Nutritional Therapist and Personal Trainer, as well as the founder of JenUp. We discuss topics such as identifying eating disorders and the line between healthy and unhealthy relationships with exercise. 

Presented and produced by: Georgia Latief
Recorded and edited by: Adam Bate
Music by: Dave MacMullan
Guest Speaker: Jenny Tomei

Jenny uses practical interventions, and nutritional rehabilitation guidance to help support those who suffer from eating disorders or disordered eating. She also works closely with teachers and parents to educate them in spotting the early signs of eating disorders and give them resources to support children, young people and other adults who are suffering.

Visit JenUp.co.uk for more information on the support and resource JenUp offers.  

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