Episode 9: Dyslexia and Eating Disorders

Posted Date

27th July 2022

Episode 9

Dyslexia and Eating Disorders

In this episode we speak to Jenny Tomei, an Eating Disorder coach and Nutritional Therapist, and Becky Stone, an Eating Disorder Therapist. Jenny and Becky, who were both diagnosed with dyslexia later in life, discuss signs of dyslexia in children and adults and explore a common connection they have observed in their clients and their own experience, between dyslexia and eating disorders. 

Presented and produced by: Georgia Latief
Recorded and edited by: Adam Bate
Music by: Dave MacMullan
Guest Speakers: Jenny Tomei & Becky Stone

Visit JenUp.co.uk for more information on the support and resource Jenny  offers.  

Visit counsellorwhocares.co.uk for more information on Becky's counselling services and eating disorder treatments.

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