Adapting to Changes in the Data Protection Landscape

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In collaboration with GDPR in Schools, this webinar provided insight into the data protection guidance post Brexit, covering what UK and International schools need to consider when sharing personal data and which policies, systems and processes to review in light of these changes. Our guest speaker was GDPR practitioner Josie Medforth who covered topics such as the ICO post Brexit Data Protection guidance, how this will impact schools either side of the UK border and what schools should consider when sharing personal data with external organisations.

Topics Covered
  • General Overview of the ICO post-Brexit data protection guidance, including whether an EU representative will be needed
  • How this then applies to schools based in the UK and in the EEA, or a combination of having schools in both the UK and EEA
  • What to consider when sharing personal data post-Brexit as a school in the UK and as a school in the EEA 
  • What to consider when sharing personal data to external organisations or parents depending on where the parents or organisations are based
  • What policies, systems or processes to consider reviewing around these changes.

This webinar was recorded live on the 13th of January 2021.

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