Engaging Boys in Consent Education

This was recorded on Monday 30th January 2023 - 3:30pm - 4:30pm

On Monday 30th Jan, our Head of Community Vikkey Chaffe was joined by Nicole Rodden from Life Lessons and Dr Emily Setty from the University of Surrey, who presented their recent research on "Boys attitudes to Consent Education". They explored what is and is not working about how we teach consent and how we engage boys in these conversations especially in light of the complex climate in which boys are currently developing and making sense of sex and relationships, for example influencers such as Andrew Tate. Viewers left with practical guidance to take back into your schools and trusts. 

Nicole Rodden (MA, BA, PGCE) is a former Relationships & Sex Education (RSE) teacher with Teach First. Nicole co-founded the award-winning organisation Life Lessons, with the mission to help pupils to be healthy, make good decisions and navigate the social and emotional complexities of life. They do this by supporting teachers to deliver evidence-based, peer-led relationships, sex and health education. Prior to this, she undertook a Masters in Education Leadership at UCL and was Programme and Training Manager at Education Charity, Team Up. 

Dr Emily Setty is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Surrey. She has conducted extensive research with young people about their experiences of sex and relationships, specifically regarding online sexual behavior's and peer-on-peer abuse, both online and offline. Emily works with schools, youth organisations, local and national government and other stakeholders to develop effective evidence-based interventions designed to address the challenges that young people face connected to sex and relationships.

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