GDPR: Your School's Responsibility

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Are you Fully GDPR Compliant?

Understanding and supporting those that self-harm is paramount in supporting the well-being of your students. Director of Operations and Security, Darryl Morton, shares his expertise on data security and what schools can do to ensure they are complying with the GDPR in this on-demand webinar.


The General Data Protection Regulation introduced new legal duties on organisations in relation to the protection of individuals’ personal data. In schools, this means not only the data held about its pupils but also its staff (and volunteers). It also sets out to provide clear processes to follow if there is a data breach.

Under GDPR, regulators will be able to levy administrative fines of up to 20 million Euros or 4% of annual turnover on any organisation responsible for a data breach. With such large sums at risk, it is vitally important that schools and colleges take action to ensure that they working within GDPR.

What is Covered
  • Changes to legislation
  • The definitions of ‘personal data’ and ‘sensitive personal data’
  • The duties of data controllers and data processors
  • Your responsibilities as a school/college
  • Legal requirements – things you MUST do
  • What to do in the event of a data breach

This webinar was recorded live with Darryl Morton, Director of Operations and Security at The Safeguarding Company, in 2018.

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