Managing Safeguarding and Stress - A Magic Formula 

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Guidance and Inspiration for Safeguarding Professionals

How do you remain calm and level-headed when faced with any number of distressing safeguarding situations? In this webinar, we asked how safeguarding leads can prepare and protect themselves, to be ready when required to step into action. How can they build emotional reserves for resilience as part of a strategic approach to managing the role? What are the best techniques to deal with stress in the moment?

The Stress Safeguarding and Pastoral Leads Face

As a safeguarding or pastoral lead within education, we understand that your role can involve challenging situations and you may be witness to the consequences of upsetting events. Combined with the additional requirements of teaching and other duties, the safeguarding lead can be a pressured and stressful role.

What You Take Away

Across this 60 minute session featuring wellbeing expert Nigel Lowson, we discuss the impact that stress can have on all of us, and especially safeguarding leads. He identifies the vital, proactive steps you can take before stressful situations occur.  He also shares transformational breathing and mindful exercises to take away from the session, as well as offering advice on how to recognise the signs of stress in others. 

This webinar was recorded live with Nigel Lowson, on the 27th of April 2021.

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