Safeguarding Students Engaged with Online Gambling

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A Practical Approach for Safeguarding Professionals

This guest webinar was hosted by Carole Phillips and focused on how schools, colleges and other organisations can keep children and young people safe from online gambling. This webinar explored online gambling and the risk this presents to children and young people.

The Webinar Will Cover
  • Background to online gambling
  • Rise in young people online via platforms that have potential to lead to gambling
  • Examples of online gambling - versus real-time gambling
  • Recognizable symptoms of gambling addiction
  • Support networks for professionals and parents

Carole Phillips

Carole is a Criminologist and digital safety expert. She has also worked in education for over 24 years as a child protection and safeguarding professional, during which time, she has made 94 child protection referrals to different Local Authorities. As part of the development of CPD in school, Carole has created and delivered child protection training and workshops to staff, Governors and parents.

This webinar was recorded live on the 23rd of November 2020.

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