Safer Internet Day: Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online

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Risks And Challenges of Child Protection Online

Understanding and protecting children and young people from online risks is critical to keeping them safe from harm. The digital landscape that we now all live in is constantly evolving, and with it the risk to children and young people grows. It is paramount that we, as safeguarding professionals, keep on top of the current online trends, risks and challenges in order to effectively safeguard children and young people. Criminologist Carole Phillips shares her expertise on the risks and challenges of child protection online and explains what schools can do to support their students in this one-hour, on-demand webinar.

What is Covered
  • Sexting – typology of sexting and how it should be dealt with and understand how relationships develop online
  • Child Sexual Exploitation and stages of grooming online used by predators
  • Social media platforms children use as well as age restrictions
  • How negative experiences online impact young people and what we can do to promote good mental health online
  • Responsibility of all school staff in protecting young people online

This webinar was recorded live with Carole Phillips, Criminologist on the 11th February 2020. 

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