The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Eating Disorders in Children and Young People

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Eating Disorder Webinar

In this session, Jenny Tomei - Nutritional Therapist, Personal Trainer, Eating Disorder Coach and member of National Centre for Eating Disorders - discusses the different aspects on how the pandemic has affected children and young people with eating disorders. Jenny provides some practical guidance on how to address this issue through early intervention strategies, especially within schools.

The Impact of COVID-19

Evidence suggests that those with eating disorders experienced increased distress and exacerbation of their current symptoms during the pandemic. There have been reports of increased emotional distress, anxiety, changes to routine, and unhelpful social messages, which have been triggering for young people during the pandemic. Many have reported using eating disorder behaviours to cope with the pandemic. Also the lack of treatment, support, feeling not on the radar of need for help, and experiencing detached connection online were further exacerbating factors for young people.

Bonus Resource Pack: Eating Disorders Toolkit

Alongside the webinar recording, you will also receive a bonus set of eating disorder toolkits provided by Jenny. The toolkits are full of information on eating disorders, how to recognise an eating disorder or disordered eating behaviours, how to approach a student whom you believe is suffering from an eating disorder and suggestions on how to broach the topic with their parents.

This webinar was recorded live with Jenny Tomei, Personal Trainer and Nutritional Therapist, on the 1st of July 2021.

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