The Internet: Our Children's Friend or Foe?

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Educate Yourself and Your Students to Online Dangers

The internet can be a scary or problematic place at times. It is important for teachers and parents to recognise the positives that the internet can bring, as well. Just wringing our hands, harking back to when we were young, or worse still, scaremongering, is really unhelpful. It is likely to drive a wedge between adults and children, which will be extremely unhelpful when it comes to safeguarding vulnerable children and young people from any online dangers. Online Safety Specialist Stella James shares her expertise in keeping children safe online and what schools can do to support their students in this one-hour, on-demand webinar.

What is Covered
  • Popular platforms used by children and young people
  • How much time do children and young people spend online
  • Online behaviours
  • Importance of parental engagement
  • Security and privacy settings
  • Grooming
  • Fake news
  • Contextual safeguarding
  • Other useful resources

This webinar was recorded live with Stella James, Online Safety Specialist, in 2019.

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