County Lines: What Can Schools and Colleges Do?

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Risks And Challenges of Child Protection Online

Understanding and protecting children and young people from county lines and exploitation is critical to keeping them safe from harm. Criminologist and Urban Youth Specialist, Craig Pinkney shares his expertise on County Lines and what schools can do to support their students in this one-hour, on-demand webinar.

What is County Lines?

County lines is a term given to describe where an individual, or more frequently a group, establishes and operates a telephone number in an area outside of their normal locality in order to sell drugs directly to users at street level. This generally involves a group from an urban area expanding their operations by crossing one or more police force boundaries to more rural areas, setting up a secure base and using runners to conduct day to day dealing.

What is Covered
  • The evolution of county lines, youth violence and gangs
  • Indicators and reasons young people get involved with county lines or gangs
  • The role of young women including grooming and sexual exploitation
  • Key aspects of gangs such as structure and the impact of media
  • Support and resources for young people

This webinar was recorded live with Craig Pinkney, Criminologist and Urban Youth Specialist,  on the 7th November 2019.

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