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Safeguarding in Housing

Total Safeguarding

Housing professionals who come into contact with adults with care and support needs, or who are experiencing or at risk of abuse or neglect, have a responsibility and duty of care to their tenants and service users. Identifying their needs, raising concerns and reporting them through the correct channels is mandatory and housing providers must fulfil their obligations.

Safeguarding challenges have never been more complex nor the legal requirements placed upon housing providers more stringent. The number and range of safeguarding concerns experienced by communities have grown exponentially to include issues such as anti-social behaviour, county lines, cuckooing and domestic violence. 

Those working in housing settings have an important responsibility to manage the scale of these challenges which is a consistently taxing and growing part of the job.



We believe that successfully achieving high standards of professional safeguarding practice is founded on eight core principles that come together to create Total Safeguarding:

  • Strong governance, leadership and management
  • A clear focus on harm prevention and reduction
  • Efficient recording and case management of concerns
  • Effective team working within and between individuals and organisations
  • Managing and sharing information securely, lawfully, and pro-actively
  • Securing professional and emotional support for your people, your teams and yourself
  • Being able to see the rich picture – understanding your data and developing insight
  • Learning lessons from your own professional practice and that of others.

The essential step to Total Safeguarding is to combine the practice of safeguarding with the very best technology - each is necessary, individually they are unlikely to meet the current safeguarding challenge. Together we can create everything you need for yours to be a world-class safeguarding organisation – one that protects children and adults and supports them to have the best outcomes in learning, in work and in life.


Our suite of safeguarding solutions to support Housing Providers is ever-growing, so we can help with your safeguarding processes in a number of ways. From MyConcern, which offers a secure, centralised system for the management of all categories of safeguarding, child protection and pastoral concern, to Sentry our safer recruitment and personal vetting solution that acts as your single central record, and Clarity our game-changing, high-level reporting system for senior leaders, which provides anonymised data across multiple establishments using MyConcern.


For Concerns about Children and Young Adults

Easy-to-use, centralised, secure record-keeping and case management for all types of safeguarding concerns

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For Safer Recruitment

A safer recruitment and personnel vetting tool that acts as your Single Central Record. Designed to guide you through the recruitment process and to ensure that no check is missed

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For Allegations Against Staff

One of the most sensitive issues facing any leader is how to handle serious allegations about their staff. Confide is the answer

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For Multi-establishment Reporting

A powerful reporting tool designed exclusively for multi-establishment safeguarding. Paired with MyConcern and Confide to provide high-level, anonymised reporting across groups of establishments

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