Early Years

Safeguarding is a huge responsibility

When you are charged with the safeguarding of others, you work in a highly regulated, complex and demanding world. You must fulfil your duty of care not only towards the children and adults for whom you’re responsible but also to the parents and caregivers who put their trust in you. You are also answerable to the law and to the people or body to which you are ultimately accountable.

Our technology is used across 4000+ education establishments in the UK and overseas. Our team works with nurseries and early years groups, to bring together the very best safeguarding technology and practice within a holistic environment that combines in-depth knowledge, CPD certified safeguarding training and best-practice advice.

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In the Early Years sector, we know how challenging the pandemic has been. We know how important you take your duty of care. Whilst many early years establishments may use paper-based, email or Office software for recording of safeguarding concerns, these systems can often miss important facts and developments, be unsecure, time-consuming and not always offer a full picture.

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