Chronology Note Deletion: Our Most Requested Feature

In this blog, we discuss our newest feature for MyConcern and Confide that will allow a user to delete chronology updates from a Concern or Profile. 

Who is this for? 

Chronology Note Deletion is managed through the Data Controller Role in MyConcern and Confide.  

This was one of our top requested new features from our customers and means that customers can now delete chronology entries in MyConcern without reference to us at The Safeguarding Company. This feature will be available in our software solutions MyConcern and Confide. There’s a “Health Warning” with this one too which is at the end of the blog. 

A typical scenario 

Someone has made a mistake when updating a chronology note for a concern or against a person’s profile when in MyConcern or Confide. It happens sometimes. 

Typical examples include: 

  • A chronology note has been updated against the wrong concern 
  • A chronology note has been updated against the wrong profile 
  • Incorrect names or details in the chronology update have been added 
  • A DSL has reviewed a chronology note and feels that the details reflect opinion rather than facts and would like to correct the note 

Up to this point, a user would need to contact the support team at The Safeguarding Company to make a request for the data to be deleted.  

Who can delete a chronology note?  

  • A user that has the Data Controller role assigned to them. ​ 
  • A Data Controller role can be assigned to a Designated Safeguarding Lead or Trusted User (in MyConcern) and Case Manager (in Confide). 

Which chronology types can be deleted? 

The following entries within a profile or a concern chronology can be deleted: 

  • Action taken 
  • Child's/Young Person's View 
  • Communication 
  • Consent  
  • COVID-19 Welfare Check 
  • Decision and Rationale 
  • DSL Risk Assessment 
  • File Note 
  • Information Sharing/Feedback 
  • Outcome 

You will see a ‘trash icon’ against the entries in the chronology that are eligible for deletion. 

How will I know if a chronology NOTE has been deleted? 

  • When a chronology note is deleted, the data controller will be prompted to enter the reason why the deletion is being made 
  • For transparency, a record of the decision to delete, and the rationale, will be captured in the chronology and will replace the original note. 

Will deleted entries be visible in the chronology PDF report or when I transfer a profile? 

  • No, deleted entries will be excluded from the chronology PDF report and they will also be excluded from the profile details when you transfer a profile to another establishment 

Please be aware of this! 

  • Once a chronology note is deleted, it will not be recoverable 
  • Information messages are presented at the time of deletion giving you the option to cancel the deletion before it is committed 


If you need any help and support with MyConcern or Confide with respect to chronology note deletion, our award-winning Customer Service team is available to help any time throughout the working week. Our product training team can offer you a whole range of on-demand modules to help you get the most out of our products and systems. 

Call us on +44(0) 330 6600 767 or email us at

Posted Date

18th January 2022

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