Involvement Types: A New feature for MyConcern and Confide

This blog introduces an improved feature in MyConcern and Confide which gives added functionality when selecting core roles to individuals “involved” in a concern. In both products, these core categories are now called Involvement Types, we’ve increased the core list to five and added the ability to set up sub-categories.

This new functionality allows Admin users to publish terminology that suits the definitions chosen for your own organisations or establishments.    

The Core Involvement Feature 

When a concern is raised in MyConcern or in Confide (for allegations against staff), the individuals assigned to the concern are done so as one of a series of core involvement types. 

The core list now includes five choices: 

  1. Victim  
  2. Alleged perpetrator 
  3. Originator 
  4. Witness 
  5. Convicted perpetrator – this is the new type we’ve added.  An individual found guilty of an offence in a court of law 

More than one involvement type can be assigned to each individual so, for example, an individual can be the originator and a witness.  You can also change the involvement type as you triage the concern. 

What can you change in the core involvement list? 

You can change the label used against each involvement type and its prefix.  Any changes will all flow through the system and appear in your concerns dashboard and standard reports. 

For example, you might not want to refer to an “alleged perpetrator”, so this feature allows you to modify the label to your own terminology, such as “suspect”. These new terms will then spread automatically to all reports and dashboards that use the term or the prefix. 

Setting up and using sub-types 

Adding sub-types allows for an extra layer of definition within each core involvement type listed above. Using sub-types, you can adapt the way a concern is assigned to individuals to meet a specific safeguarding context. 

Let’s think of a scenario… An incident or concern has been raised within a sports club and is witnessed by several people.  The relevant individuals are added as the concern is raised or triaged. It may be useful, for example, to differentiate between these witnesses where one is coach, another is a club member, and another is someone in the crowd watching a game. Sub-types allow you to do this. 

As with core involvement types, the terminology for the sub-types can be defined by you to meet the needs of your organisation or establishment.  When switched on, the sub-types will feature in dashboards and in reports. Sub-types can be switched on in the Admin section of MyConcern or Confide by those who have Admin user rights in the system. 


Further help and support 

The involvement feature will automatically be available for all our customers.  You will notice the new link ‘Add Involvement Type’ when you report or triage a concern. 

If you need any help and support with MyConcern or Confide with respect to the Involvement feature, our award-winning Customer Service team is available to help any time throughout the working week. Our product training team can offer you a whole range of on-demand modules to help you get the most out of our products and systems. 

Email us: 

Call us on +44(0) 330 6600 767 

Posted Date

1st February 2022

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