June 2023 Features and Updates

There are two new features that have been added to our Sentry product (SCR and safer recruitment tool), which will enhance the user experience. We have also recently updated a search functionality for MyConcern which you can find detailed below.

Sentry: Individual Deletion Feature

The first new feature allows users assigned to a new 'Data Controller' role to mark certain individuals as deleted. However, instead of deleting them immediately, these individuals are kept in a special status called 'Pending Deletions' for 90 days.

During this 90-day period, these individuals are listed in a new dashboard called 'Pending Deletions.' From this dashboard, users can choose to remove the individuals from the deletion process and restore them to their previous status (archived) if needed.

After the 90-day period, the records of these individuals will be permanently deleted and cannot be accessed anymore. They will not appear in any Individuals or check-based lists. However, there will be a log called 'Individuals Deletion Log' that keeps a record of each individual's deletion, including the date of deletion, the name of the user who deleted them, and the reason for deletion.

Review Dates

The second feature is a new 'Review Date' field that has been added to system default checks, including role-based versions of the 'DBS & Barred List' check. This field can be filled in at any time before the check is completed.

The review dates entered in the checks will be displayed in a new column called 'review date' in the 'By Expiry, Deadline and Review Dates' dashboard. This allows for easy monitoring of the review dates.

Unlike the existing 'Deadline Date' feature, default checks with a review date will still appear on the 'By Expiry, Deadline and Review Dates' dashboard even after they have been marked as completed.

The 'Review Date' is particularly useful when there are local or industry-based policies that require completed checks to be reviewed at specific intervals.

MyConcern New Feature: Archived now records visible through search

The second feature is the ability to search for and find archived profiles when looking for a student record. Previously, it was difficult to locate a student's profile if it had been archived because the search function in the navigation bar did not show archived records. With this update, users can now search for and retrieve archived profiles using the search feature, making it easier to find the information they need.

Posted Date

8th June 2023

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