Managing Data Compliance in MyConcern

Our team are constantly working to improve the features in our products to help our customers with their safeguarding needs. In this blog, we discuss our history of helping support our customers to manage data compliance and the recent introduction of a new feature in MyConcern called The Data Controller.

At The Safeguarding Company, we have always supported our customers in helping them to manage data compliance, even before the GDPR came into effect back in May 2018.  Initially, as everyone got to grips with the GDPR, we witnessed some confusion over how data governance issues should be interpreted alongside safeguarding best practice, so were able to provide support and guidance to our customers. 

Over the last few years, knowledge about how to apply the GDPR has become much more widespread. Many of our customers now have knowledgeable people in their own organisations who can advise their staff on how to correctly discharge their responsibilities to data compliance and how that works alongside their safeguarding procedures and responsibilities. Ultimately, each customer is the data controller, so our Customer Success team has supported customers’ deletion requests according to the processing instructions we have received from them.   

As the scale and scope of MyConcern has expanded, through the delivery of new features, the volume and complexity of data management has increased to the point where it made sense for us to place more control into the hands of the knowledgeable users.  

New MyConcern Feature 

We have therefore developed some tools within MyConcern, which make the management of data, and therefore compliance with the GDPR and Data Protection 2018, much more streamlined.  Our Customer Success team is still available for customers that need assistance, so we will continue to act on the instruction of a data controller. 

A new role type called Data Controller, has been created; a System Admin can grant this role to nominated users (often with some background or training in data governance) within your organisation.   

The Data Controller user(s) will then have the ability to selectively delete entries that have been recorded within MyConcern.  This “chronology note” deletion tool adds to the existing data deletion tools within MyConcern.  Look out for the upcoming “profile deletion” tool, which is due for release within the next few weeks, which will place additional power at the fingertips of data controllers. 

If any users would like a guided tour of these compliance features, then please contact the Customer Success team, who can talk you through how they work, or even set you up with a more in-depth training session with one of our Training team. 

Posted Date

11th January 2022

Darryl Morton
Chief Technology Officer & Chief Product Officer

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