New and Improved Reporting Now Available for MyConcern

On 14th January 2020, The Safeguarding Company announce the release of their new and improved reporting tool, available to all MyConcern customers at no extra cost. This powerful new tool will allow you even greater access to your data, informing decision making and ultimately keeping children and young people safe from harm.

Brand New Reporting With MyConcern

We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand-new reporting tool, designed based on customer feedback to exactly meet our users’ reporting needs. We are committed to maintaining MyConcern as a world-leading safeguarding solution and as such, are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our product, to match the evolving needs of safeguarding leads in education, housing, charities, sports and other industries.

How Customers Will Benefit From MyConcern’s New Reporting Module

In our latest release, users will now be able to generate powerful reports on a larger number of attributes, including reports based on concerns, referrals, profiles and lessons learned.

MyConcern customers will also benefit from the ability to group up to two levels of their data, allowing them to display the most appropriate breakdown of their data. This can include reports such as ‘all concerns by category’ and then ‘all concerns by status,’ ultimately giving MyConcern users a higher-level view of the safeguarding risks within their organisation and equipping them with information to enable early intervention.

This release also allows MyConcern users the option to tailor their reports with a number of filters. Enabling them access to accurate information to inform decision making within their establishment.

Designed With Data Security In Mind

Secure information sharing with trusted external partners (such as social care and other agencies) is at the heart of successful safeguarding practices.

To promote best practice, only users with safeguarding lead access to MyConcern are able to create reports containing personally identifiable information. Other MyConcern users are only able to see this data if the safeguarding lead chooses to share this information with them.  

To find out more about our brand new tool log in to MyConcern to access our pre-recorded webinar.

If you don’t already use MyConcern in your establishment and would like to find out how you could benefit from our powerful reporting tool and other world-leading features within our award-winning safeguarding software, you can speak to us HERE

Posted Date

13th January 2020

Sam Franklin

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