New Sentry Features to Enhance Your Safer Recruitment!

New and Improved Sentry Features Available Now! 

As a safeguarding company, we understand that every organisation has different needs, COVID restrictions and lockdown measures mean resources are stretched for everyone. We have listened to customer feedback and developed three new features for Sentry, our safer recruitment software. These new features will ensure your recruitment processes are robust and streamlined while ensuring compliance.

As leaders in the safeguarding world, we are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our products, to match customer needs as well as the ever-changing needs of safeguarding leads in all industries.


Why Safer Recruitment is important?

An integral huge part of successful safeguarding is safer recruitment, ensuring organisations such as schools follow processes to hire individuals who are suitable to work with children and young people. Safer Recruitment is one fundamental aspect of a long list of responsibilities all schools must carry out to keep their students safe from harm.  It is important that all members of staff involved in the recruitment process understand their safeguarding requirements when hiring. 


How Can Sentry help you? 

To aid your safer recruitment responsibilities we have created Sentry, providing a user-friendly system for all the critical recruitment checks when appointing a new member of staff, volunteer, or school governor. Sentry has been designed to support and guide users through each of the recruitment steps and leaves nothing to chance; effectively users become ‘unconsciously competent’ by simply following the Sentry workflow.  

This approach is underpinned by our comprehensive safeguarding knowledge and expertise ensuring that the system has been designed to put the protection of children and young people first.  


Sentry’s New Features

Custom roles: 

A brand-new feature that will allow users to expand on the standard/default roles originally offered within Sentry. The feedback we received showed us that organisations needed the flexibility to customise roles. You can now create customisable personnel roles within your establishment that are tailored to your needs and define any checks or evidence required for these roles on a case-by-case basis.  

Examples of custom roles you can create include catering assistant, caretaker, site manager, swimming teacher and secretary, just to name a few. 

Custom checks: 

Initially, Sentry was launched with a set of fixed checks based on KCSIE guidance, feedback has indicated a need to allow establishments to expand on these standard checks and the ability to customise checks for individual settings. Another benefit is the ability to create customised checks that your establishment require for both standard personnel roles and customised personnel roles.  

Expiry Dates:  

Specify when a customised check can expire and be notified when they are due to expire. A history of completed checks that have expired and been renewed are available in the individual’s profile. Our user-friendly dashboard allows establishments to view expired checks and those that are due to expire within the next 30, 60 or 90 days.  


Posted Date

15th February 2021

Georgia Latief
Marketing Content Manager

For Safer Recruitment

A safer recruitment and personnel vetting tool that acts as your Single Central Record. Designed to guide you through the recruitment process and to ensure that no check is missed

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